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In August, BVD Petroleum joined the Petro-Canada retail and Petro-Pass cardlock network as an independent dealer. BVD Petroleum is a top-tier network that operates 13 integrated sites (retail and cardlock), one stand-alone wholesale location and one retail location across Canada. All BVD Petroleum-operated stations will transition to the Petro-Canada brand over the next few months.
Remembering Rick
The Suncor family mourned the loss of our former president and CEO Rick George who passed away August 1 from acute myeloid leukemia. Condolences poured in from across the company as employees remembered him as a great leader and visionary.
A self-described “oil sands guy,” Rick helped transform Suncor over his 21 years at the helm from an oil sands pioneer to the country’s largest integrated energy company. Joining Suncor in 1991 as CEO, he guided the company in adopting game-changing technologies to improve environmental performance, pro tability and competitiveness.
“Rick’s impact on the oil sands industry, the Canadian business community, and the broader community has been immeasurable,” said Steve Williams. “His contributions have been signi cant and far-reaching. We were saddened to hear the news of his passing and extend our sincerest condolences to his family at this dif cult time. Rick was very much admired and loved by his Suncor family.”
Congrats Anne Marie!
Anne Marie Toutant, vice president, Fort Hills operations, has been elected chair of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) for the next two-year term. Anne Marie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as chair. She joined Suncor in 2004 as vice president of Mining Operations where she oversaw the consolidation of mining activities in the Millennium Mine, and the approval, development and opening of the North Steepbank Mine. She also led the reclamation of the oil sands industry’s  rst tailings pond to a solid surface (now known as Wapisiw Lookout). Anne Marie has been an active member of MAC for many years, having served as a board director since 2007.
Pat Lizotte, GM, retail sales & site operations (left) and Patrick Ritchie, GM, wholesale sales & site operations (right) with Bikram Dhillon, president of BVD Petroleum (centre).
Former president and CEO Rick George
Anne Marie Toutant
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