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Strength in community
We all instinctively understand why building community is so vital. That’s why improving social well-being is embedded in our vision to be trusted stewards of valuable natural resources. Healthy communities are central to this vision.
My family and I experienced the strength of community when we moved to Canada; connecting with others, building relationships and getting involved helped us gain a sense of belonging. We see this across Suncor in the groups of Suncor retirees who coffee together each week,
in the multi-generation families who work here, and in how often we hear the term ‘Suncor family.’
The healthier our communities, the more successful we all are. When we improve quality of life, ensure ample opportunities for people, and help develop inspired leaders, communities have the strength and ability to recover from adversity as well as evolve. In turn, strong communities create an environment where individuals can achieve their full potential.
By working collaboratively, we can positively impact communities, future generations and our company; we can ensure that everyone bene ts from energy development. That’s why Suncor is committed to fostering sustainable, resilient communities.
Suncor is a part of, and involved with, many communities – whether they are geographic locations, groups of people
with shared interests, or Suncor employees and retirees – and there are several ways we engage with those communities. But at the core, we are focused on building strong relationships and trust.
In this issue, we explore Suncor’s involvement in community building – the kind that forms when everybody comes from somewhere else (page 10), our regional communities and the impact our annual giving campaign and Suncor Energy Foundation investments have on them (page 6), the work we do with Aboriginal and stakeholder communities (page 5), and listening to our own community of employees and what makes a difference in your work experience (page 9).
I’m proud of the work we do and how we show up in community. I believe it differentiates us from many other companies. I  rmly believe that our hard work to build and maintain relationships, and be an effective partner, is foundational to making progress on some of the complex issues of our time.
While Suncor strives to make a difference as an organization, don’t ever underestimate the difference we make as individuals – in
the capacity of employee, volunteer, engaged citizen, parent, spouse or friend. Case in point: the legacy of Rick George, our friend and former CEO, who passed away in August. Reading through the tributes and memories you shared on the Core af rmed how integral he was to our Suncor community and how he helped shape this great company on the foundation of enduring vision, mission and values.
Speaking of values...don’t forget that in order to focus on others, we must  rst take care of ourselves, which is why safety is above all else!
Steve Williams and Paul Gardner joined the Suncor community at Suncor Calgary’s Canada 150 event. To see more pictures from celebrations across the company,  ip to page 8.
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